Thoughts from the book
facts from research
Grandma in Thin Wood Walls would be a Issei. She is an immigrant from Japan.
Mom and dad are Nisei because they are the second generation.
Joe and Mike in Thin Wood Walls are Sansei because they are children of Nisei.
NISEI´╗┐-childern of Issei; 2nd generation citizens by birth
ISSEI- 1st generation denied U.S. citizenship
SANSEI-3rd generation childern of Nisei
On March 18, 1942 the government established Relocation Authority.
Their job was the Executive Order 9066. Joe was
not ready for it.He now knew that moving was not a choice.
War Relocation Authority
Executive Order 9066
When Dad was taken by the FBI, he gave Mike and Joe a journal to write their thoughts about was happening. During Joe's stay at the internment camp, he decided to write several of his journal entries in haiku form.
Japanese Culture (Haiku Poetry)
When the Hanadas were looking for their Christmas tree, they went to Mr. Spooner's land and grandmother became angry. She was saying "tochi-ho" because Joe said it would be nice to own this land. Grandmother was angry because Issei were not allowed to own land because of this law.
California Alien Land Law
Before the Hanada family went to the internment camp, there were rumors floating around about the Japanese Americans being put into camps. Joe and Ray (his white friend) did not believe it would happen until one day they were downtown and saw lots of people gathered around some poles. On the poles was the Civilian Exclusion Order which required all those of Japanese ancestry to go to an assembly center to register each member of the family and get tags for their belongings. This was a form of propaganda because then the white Americans were making Joe feel like he didn't belong.