During Japanese Internment

Facts from the book
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School was hard and unfair. Joe's teacher was a male and white. Mr.Moffitt
made fun of the Japanese Americans by calling them "window shade eyes". The weather was dry and windy.When Joe and Mike got off the bus at Tule Lake, they saw barbed wired fences strung between guard towers. There were barracks where the families stayed. The barrack was only 8' x 10'. Mrs. Hanada made the barracks feel like home by putting up pictures of Dad and the family. Joe and Mae ,(Joes friend), played marbles. At Tule Lake, they ate in the Mess Hall where Mom worked. For breakfast, the Hanadas ate canned sardines, powdered eggs, and oatmeal mush.
Conditions of Tule Lake Relocation Center
Before the Hanada's and other Japanese Americans were sent to internment camps, the Civilian Exclusion Order No. 79 ordered them to register all in the family. They would be sent to Assembly Centers; Joe and his family were sent to Camp Harmony first and then to Pinedale Assembly Center in California. Their final stop was at Tule Lake.
Map of Relocation Centers in the U.S.
While at Tule Lake, all persons 17 and older had to fill out a loyalty questionnaire. Joe was able to help Grandmother fill hers out. Numbers 27 and 28 were the questions everyone talked about. Grandmother answered No that she could not swear loyalty to the United States. Dad had written a letter to them after this questionnaire, and he had answered yes to both questions so that he could possibly see his family sooner. Those who answered No to both questions were called No-Nos and were considered disloyal to the American government.
Loyalty Questionnaire
When Mike turned 18, he was allowed to fight for the United States. When he heard of the United States government wanting soldiers for an all Nisei unit, he wanted to join. Mother and Grandmother were against his decision. He became part of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and will eventually be killed in his fight for the Americans.
442nd Regimental Combat Team
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