Haiku was developed in the end of the 19th century! The English writers have shortened it to 11 to 13 syllables to make the wording right because in the English language it is more wordy Therefore, they want to make it sound less wordy. They use simple, direct, non-metaphorical language. Don't use big words, but use easy words that capture a small amount of time. In traditional haiku poetry, the reader should be able to tell what season is being referred to.

These are the Haikus that our class came up with from reading Thin Wood Walls by David Patneaude.

Hot sun, beating down,
small rooms, one bed, creepy men
some friends, here in the camp
*By: D.N.

It was summer at the camp. The barracks were tiny and there was one room and one bed. Dad came home in the middle of the night. Some of Joe's friends stayed with him at the camp. - D.N.

Dad,so far away
left out,lots of secrets
Sandy,brings me hope
*By: Payton

Joe's dad was locked away so he was far away. Joe's mom and grandma thought he was too young so they tried
to keep things away form him. Sandy was in the miltary and he was really nice to Joe and Mike he would buy
them candy bars and soda and give him hope.
*By: Payton

Guarding the people
helping Joe and Mike move in
Treating them is fun
*By: B.F.

When the Hanadas arrived at the camp Sandy helped Joe and Mike move in. - B.F.

This is a youtube.com video that shows how to write a haiku.