This is Milton S. Eisenhower. He was put in charge of the War Relocation Authority.

Eisenhower was in charge of the WRA from March 1942 to July 1942. This organization was started to enforce Executive Order 9066. He encouraged FDR to support loyal Nisei, get wages for interned Japanese Americans, and set up postwar programs. There were 10 camps created and some were on native American land. All camps closed on July 13, 1945 except Tule Lake Segregation Center. Tule Lake ended up to be a camp for those No-No's who were seen as disloyal. On March 20, 1946, Tule Lake closed. Truman signed Executive Order 9742 which ended the WRA.

There were several internment camps throughout the interior of the United States. This chart gives the location and number of people each camp could hold.